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Ford would like to regain popularity for its luxury division Lincoln. To reach this objective, a new stylish orientation will be adopted very soon by Ford and we can already see part of this evolution with some new exciting concepts. By searching for your next used Lincoln in our inventory, you’ll remark that the numbers of vehicles is small, but despite this small range, you’ll have an interesting choice with a variety of sedans, VUS and hybrid models. Despite powerful engines, it’s rare to buy a used Lincoln for its performance. Customers usually choose a used Lincoln for the style, luxury and security. You’ll surely find your happiness in our complete inventory of used Lincoln.

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In the early 2000's, Lincoln concentrated on attracting more young buyers to the brand. It began its crusade with the sporty 2000 LS. This was Lincoln's first entry in the highly competitive luxury sport segment. It was also the first true domestic player in the segment. In order to refresh its vehicle lineup, Lincoln introduced an updated 2003 Navigator model that was better than ever, with a number of power features exclusive to its class. Another vehicle that turned heads of the younger generation was the 2002 Aviator, Lincoln's newest SUV — a luxurious, versatile mid-size SUV that's been heralded for its performance and interior. Read more

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2018 Lincoln MKZ

2018 Lincoln MKZ

The 2018 Lincoln MKZ gives you entry-level luxury along with, in the Reserve edition, a surprisingly feisty powertrain. Just mind your head in that sloping-roofline-affected back row...

2018 Lincoln MKZ Review
2018 Lincoln Navigator

2018 Lincoln Navigator

The new Navigator is yet another piece of fine engineering from Lincoln. It looks the part, it kept us in supreme comfort when, uh, navigating over some wintry mountain passes and it comes laden with tech...

2018 Lincoln Navigator Review